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Wine Paper Management Software

Thanks to an in depth study about software development for wine shops, hotels and restaurants, Dvision has elaborated a software dedicated to those firms that need to create and manage their own wine papers in an easy and elegant way.

Wine-papers updating often needs hard work and waste of money and, to firms disadvantage, the staff is frequently obliged to correct them by hand.

The opportunity to create your own wine paper independently, together with the possibility to insert or modify each item, joins the web extraordinary visibility.

Dwine software represents the most modern answer to professional sommeliers needs and it fills a gap in the sector. Through few and simple commands you can insert all the wines of your list and divide them as you need, for example, according to their geographical provenience.

Once the wine paper is created you can select the fields to print and those you want to hide.

At last, through a simple “click” you’ll obtain the web version, online in real time and the pdf file to print or send .